Steady States, 2021

an interactive environment depicting the Israeli Dead Sea, surrounding desert, and their contested water politics.

The work is comprised of a map with 3 starting points, which I refer to as Guided Tours, and include Inward, Rift and Above. Each Tour criticises a different political element of the landscape.

Viewers are invited to select whichever starting point they wish. Once in the Tour, they are free to traverse the map, and will be guided by a voiceover at set times.

Supported by Sarabande Foundation
Emerging Artist Award

Supported by Arad
Contemporary Art Center

Full 45-minute recording of
an interaction is available
upon request

Radio recordings courtesy of the 
Israeli Defence Forces Archives

Game development by
Lucas Bastian

Steady States at The Autonomous Art Biennale,
Curated by Dr. Roy Brand, Sandra Weil and Rula Khoury, 2023

Solo show at Arad Contemporary Art Centre,
Curated by Leah Abir, 2021


Slade School of Fine Art
MFA Fine Art Media Degree Show, 2021


Seam, Strata, Seance

Group show with Tavga Guttstadt and Sherie Sitauze, organised by Alia Hamaoui, Maia Magoga and Ted Le Swer at Collective Ending, 2021