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Founder of A Sci-Fi Curriculum, a multimedia reading group discussing womxn and BIPOC Speculative Fiction with a queer lens, 2022-present
Member of Collective Ending, an artist-run gallery and studio complex in Deptford, South-East London, 2021-present
Slade School of Fine Arts, MFA Fine Art Media, 2018-2021
Central Saint Martins, Animation And Visual Effects, 2018
Central Saint Martins, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, 2014-2016
Shenkar College, BA (Hons) Visual Communications, 2012-2014

Shows, Talks, Fairs & Screenings
Steady States, 2021 at The Autonomous Art Biennale, Tel Aviv, 2023
Radio Transmission
  Future Artefacts: Picnic Zone at RTM Radio, London, 2022
Group Show (co-organiser)
  But Not Blue at Collective Ending, London, 2022
Group Show
  Cosmoses at Xxijra Hii, London, 2022
Meta_Fair #2, Moving with_in the complex: independent curating, together with Collective Ending at Garibaldi Railway Station, Milan, 2022
Group Show
  Skin of Your Teeth at Crypt Gallery, London, 2022
Group Show
  London Grads Now.21 at Saatchi Gallery, London, 2021
Group Show
  Financial Times Global Gallery: COP26 Edition, Online, 2021
 Udders for Mum at ArtVerona 16, with Spazio Volta and Mattatoio di Roma, Verona, 2021
Group Show
 Seam, Stata, Seance at Collective Ending, London, 2021
Solo Show
 Steady States, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Arad, 2021
Radio Transmission
 Politics of a Landscape broadcasted at BAMBI WOODS PRESENTS: RADIO TRANSMISSION, Athens, 2021
 Politics of a Landscape screened at DOCUMENTARY: Who Speaks For a Space?, London Short Film Festival, 2021
Solo show
 Deserted Landscape, Aqua Gallery, Bat Yam, 2020
Group Show
  Objects of the Misanthropocene, a Time Travelling Exhibition of Insouciant Objects from the Museum of Beyond, Online, 2020
Group Show
 The Sculpture Park, Implied Gallery, Online, 2020
Group Show
 Terrain Vague, Slade School of Art, London, 2020
Group Show
 Intimacy Spills, Barbican Arts Trust, London, 2020
Group Show
 How are you Babe?, Blank 100, London, 2019
Group Show
 Nephilim, Tel Aviv, 2017
Group Show
 Loop Dreams, Stour Space Gallery, London, 2015
Group Show
 La Culture, Tel Aviv, 2013

Residencies, Awards & Memberships

Member of 🧚 Collective Ending, 2021
Slade Prize 2021 Recipient, 2021 Artist in Residence, 2021
Sarabande Emerging Artist Award, 2021
Arts Territory Exchange Member, 2020
Arad Contemporary Art Center Artist in Residence, 2020

Press, Publications & talks

A Sci-Fi Curriculum: eROTic Potential, arebyte Gallery, January 2023
A Sci-Fi Curriculum: Wolrdmaking; Fictioning, Chelsea School of Art, November 2022
A Sci-Fi Curriculum: Glitch, Mutate, Dissolve to Water, October 2022, Collective Ending
A Sci-Fi Curriculum: Speech to Realities, July 2022, Online
A Sci-Fi Curriculum: Entagling the Forest, April 2022, Online
Emerging Technologies and Art: Roundtable conversation with UCL Art Futures, London, 2021
A Guided Tour to a Steady State, Gazelli Art House, London, 2021
Artribune, Spazi non profit ad ArtVerona: parola a Giulia Floris, curatrice di Lab1, 2021, IT
British Film Directory, Politics of a Landscape; A Personal Ontology of Southern Israel’s Deserted Territory, 2020, UK
Elephant Magazine, Image of the Day, 2019
Miss Vogue, Grenfel Tshirt Artists, 2019, UK
dpi Magazine, 2018, Taiwan
Creative Lives in Progress, Apply your skill set to more than one thing: Digital designer Yuli Serfaty, 2018, UK
Unauthorized SFMoMA, 2017, USA
Peep Publication, 2017, UK
i Hate You So Much Right Now, 2017, IL
Nephilim, 2017, IL
Hover States, 2017, USA
Brutalist Websites, 2017, USA
1Granary, 2016, UK


Yuli Serfaty (1992, Israel) is a London based multimedia artist researching natural landscapes in relation to local and global politics. They use Speculative Fiction methodologies in order to World-build installations in textual, sonic, digital, and physical forms, specifically using a rhizome of field recordings, synthesised sounds, video, photography, writing, CGI, game engines and found objects. She often refers to this entanglement of media as the entanglement of living beings in any other environment.

Deeply affected by the biological world, Serfaty’s approach is an open-ended ecology in which each element exists in relation. They offer more-than-human webs where landscapes are protagonists, and ‘Man’, in its Western sense, is nothing but an onlooker. Serfaty is concerned with making space for alternative power structures, in which the marginalised, the unimportant and the overlooked take central stage.

In light of her own Israeli-colonial, Jewish-diasporic and British-immigrant heritage, Serfaty’s making integrates local and global-imperial perspectives; in recent years they have been giving focus to the Negev / Naqab desert in her home country of Israel, more specifically its politics of control, displacement, segregation and militarisation. They also run a multimedia reading group discussing queer Sci-Fi books, essays, talks, artworks, films, and sounds.