Yuli Serfaty
AboutYuli Serfaty

Yuli Serfaty celebrates femininity in an ever expanding digital world by creating mixed-media moving images, figurative drawings and sculptures. In addition to ‘traditional’ techniques, she uses game engines, organic 3D modelling, and found 3D objects to create and animate digital landscapes. Inspired by the works of Ed Atkins, Camille Henrot and Ian Cheng, Yuli Serfaty’s work critically embraces tech culture as a main subject while examining its position within our politics, biology, and environment.

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Press, Residencies & Exhibitions
01/2020 — Arad Contemporary Art Centre Artist in Residence 03/2019 — How are you Babe? Group show at Blank 100
06/2017 — Unauthorized SFMOMA Show catalogue 06/2017 Peep Publication
05/2017 — i Hate You So Much Right Now
05/2017 — Nephilim Mag & group exhibition
01/2017 — Hover States
01/2017 — The Gallery
04/2016 — 1Granary
02/2016The Music x Twin Haus
08/2015Hover States x Models of the Moment
07/2015Loop Dreams x Stour Space
02/2015Packaging Of The World
01/2015The Culture Trip
11/2013La Culture, curated by Itay Blaish