Yuli Serfaty
AboutYuli Serfaty

Yuli Serfaty (Israel, 1992) is a London-based artist currently undertaking the MFA Fine Art Media programme at the Slade School of Art. Her work spans over media such as video, sound, sculpture, photography, CGI and AR, and is composed of elements such as game environments, digital models, animation, ceramic, steel, and found objects.

Serfaty explores landscapes as political agents. In light of her own colonial, Israeli background, and as an immigrant living in the United Kingdom, her approach integrates local and global-imperial perspectives. Examining our relation to landscapes as sites of both autonomy and abuse, Serfaty’s work highlights the interweaving of ecology, mythology, economy, technology and borders in a post-colonial world. By doing this she aims to highlight the dependence between habitat, wildlife and society, discussing an alternative to how Nature is currently perceived and treated. What happens to our power over nature if nature becomes autonomous, active, rather than passive? Will our human gaze upon nature be the same, if nature gazed back?

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Press, Residencies & Exhibitions
03/2020 — Terrain Vague, Slade School of Art (CANCELLED)
02/2020 — Intimacy Spills, Barbican Arts Group Trust
01/2020 — Arad Contemporary Art Centre Artist in Residence
03/2019 — How are you Babe? Blank 100
06/2017 — Unauthorized SFMOMA Show catalogue 06/2017 Peep Publication
05/2017 — i Hate You So Much Right Now
05/2017 — Nephilim Mag & group exhibition
01/2017 — Hover States
01/2017 — The Gallery
04/2016 — 1Granary
02/2016The Music x Twin Haus
08/2015Hover States x Models of the Moment
07/2015Loop Dreams x Stour Space
02/2015Packaging Of The World
01/2015The Culture Trip
11/2013La Culture, curated by Itay Blaish