Steady States, 2021

Supported by sarabande Emerging Artist Award

Steady States (2021) is a sound-based, semi fictional, interactive digital environment depicting the Israeli Dead Sea and Judean desert and their contested water politics; Ancient aquifers dry and collapse as Israel pumps water and prevents access to locals. Sinkholes gape as the Dead Sea Works mine minerals, rapidly evaporating surface water. Jets fly overhead as Bedouin villages are repeatedly demolished.

Using the voice of a disembodied guide, viewers are taken on 3 tours; Above takes place at a clifftop and narrates Israel’s treatment of Bedouin families and the militarisation of its deserts. Rift explores the Dead Sea’s sinkholes and describes the economical conditions causing them. Inward travels through a wadi towards a fresh water spring, criticizing Israel’s management of natural resources and water allocation policies. Military radio recordings courtesy of the Israeli Defence Forces Archives.