You are standing in an open plain. It’s dusk, and the sky is pinkish-purple-grey. In front of you are patches of boggy vegetation. You can hear some birds and insects and see shallow water, but the area is fenced off and you can’t reach it. In the distance, behind the bog, is a range of blood red mountains. You turn around and see a smaller range of chalky mountains. As you walk towards it, you can see deep gouges in the ground around you. When you look down through them, you hear a low, repetitive sound, and see a large cave, at the bottom of which a deep bed of dark water. You can’t enter it. When you look ahead again, there are clusters of shrubs and low trees on a dry riverbed. You choose this path and walk along it. 

As you approach the meeting point of river and mountain, you see a narrow canyon with a road crossing its top far above you. You walk under it and the cliffs tower on both your sides.

Large boulders are precariously balanced on the slopes. You make a turn and the path joins another, creating a wider pass. You note there are what looks like water pipes sticking out of the ground. Some of them are elaborate and large, and others are simple and quite small. All of them are fenced off, too, and their gates seem to be locked. You can hear dripping and moaninng if you approach them, and that low, repetitive sound again.

There are shallow puddles of water as you continue down the path. It twists and turns, joins others and forks into dead ends. Some parts are fenced and you can’t cross them, and others look like they’re blocked by boulders, but you manage to climb over and through. Eventually you reach a spring. It’s a pretty large rock pool, and the water emerges from the rock face . When you look closer, you can see a deep crack in the wall of the cliff. When you look inside, you see the cave again, full of dark water, and criss-crossed with a network of pipes.

Trash, Water Camels and Utility Poles